html5 - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

A new version of the popular programming language appeared in 2010. It helps to structure and present content of the world wide web. Today continues its completion. But many programmers use it as a working standard.

On разработкуhtml5 influenced by the need to improve multimedia technologies. Multimedia support is not harmful convenient readability of the code man. Parsers are easier to analyze.

It used the fourth version of html. In many respects it is not as comfortable as its successor. The developers have added many new features to syntactic nuances. This additional elements “audio” and “video”. It is also valid to use mathematical formulas and SVG. Innovations added to simplify the creation and management of multimedia and graphics.

Also there were other extras. They need to enrich the semantic content of the document or page. Also added a number of new attributes. But some deprecated elements and attributes have been removed. Others of them have undergone modification, redefinition and standardization.

Among the new version, you can select the definition of the markup. It is also noted the possibility of installing a scripting application programming interface. This interface has undergone expansion and the actual registration features. New advantages:

  • the ability to control programme media – for example, to synchronize subtitles with the video.
  • appeared offline storage database with information;
  • access to edit the document;
  • the history of the browser;
  • connection registration Protocol handlers;
  • the availability of microdata and geolocation;
  • secured by the client database management is not required.

A new version of strictly ensures that errors were excluded. Is the demand not only browsers, but also with documents. To correct syntax using the appropriate algorithms. They assort errors markup in documents, in order to build a proper object model. The new tags in html5 remain without attention to other versions.

The creators of html5 has already started production of the next series of programming language. He should please a variety of innovative technologies.