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a Special operating system, designed for Apple products, called IOS applications. Its existence it began in 2007.

the Interface of such applications is focused on direct manipulation, which uses multi-touch gestures. To user interface elements include switches, sliders, and buttons.

From the operating system a solid flash memory, which varies from 1.4 to 2 GB. About 800 MB of free space in the system partition. Depending on the gadget, the indicators may change.

there are eight IOS applications. The latest version was released in early summer of this year. She has modernized and is solid competition for the fifth version of Android. IOS has been updated design and diversified functions.

All versions of the application were created under the Apple products. The latest version is suitable for gadgets last generations. The application is based on a personal device, which stores information about a specific account.

to Work with it simply because the functions are clear and easy to manage. Unlike his great rival, IOS applications consist of one file.

IOS and Android Applications vary a lot between themselves, but they can be combined. Innovative technology has enabled this feature, but it is quite problematic to implement. This requires a powerful virtual machines, and complex processes. At Columbia University programmers were able to create special architectural program. It gives the opportunity to combine operating systems. With its help, IOS applications can be run on Android devices.

All applications are placed in the virtual store. It works with versions for Apple devices. Store called App Store. It is the largest mobile application store. Last year it was presented to more than nine thousand applications. All of them are developed for IOS and every year expand its functionality.

In the domestic market in IOS applications there are many competitors, in addition to Android. These include operating system Symbian OS from Nokia and Bada from Samsung. A few years ago they were much more popular than IOS apps. But the rating last year put IOS app on the market.

This popularity is caused streamlined and intuitive functionality of IOS applications.