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JAVA application is a small program for a mobile device. They are simple to install and are very useful. It is difficult to imagine the modern world without the use of such applications.

JAVA applications are running on the Java ME platform. This platform supports and works in devices with limited computational capabilities. It includes two components: the virtual machine and the mobile device profile.

using JAVA technology, you can download new applications developers directly on the phone. Such applications include dictionaries, games, calendars, maps, and more. Personal mobile device becomes more interesting and creative.

Some JAVA applications:
– read / write file system using the phone (as well as playing tunes, the opening images);
– using Bluetooth to exchange data;
– connect to the Internet using GPRS;
– create and edit information about calendar events and contacts.
– the ability to send SMS messages;
record video or photos on the camera;
– built-in audio;
the desired information may be stored in the partition RecordStore;
– other smaller features.

One of the most popular downloadable application is a Java game. It consists of a set of files containing jar (archive games) and jad (pointer). First load the jad file, which subsequently causes the jar file. Java games are established via PC, wap, SMS application.

Those who use low-end phones, also can install Java apps. The most popular are:
– Opera Mini 6 (is the leader among web browsers for mobile platforms);
– Yandex.Metro mobile program for travel planning);
– Bolt 2.5 (one of the most popular mobile browsers);
Navitel.Maps (navigation, mobile maps, also for roads);
– Snaptu Facebook (application for account management and communication);
– SafeBox Private SMS 3.12 (makes it inaccessible to unauthorized users personal correspondence);
– MailMan 2.04 (e-mail client for e-mail);
– JabpLite 1.72 (program that allows you to track and manage personal finances);
– SmartCam 1.2 (the app that lets you use the camera as a webcam for your computer).

the Distribution and downloading of applications is performed through a WAP connection. Phones that support J2ME, can be loaded using the WAP browser. Download is possible via software. Users find the right application on the Internet.