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Java is a programming language, which was released in 1995. Is object-oriented in nature. Is the base to create a variety of modern programs written in Java.
This language is used:
– when creating applications for mobile devices;
– when using applets and desktops;
– diverse server applications.
A feature of this language is the use of byte-code. The program, which was created, transmitted in this code. After it is handled by the JAVA machine. You can download it for different devices. Independence in work, thanks to the universal code that allows you to interact with any devices. Operations program, are fully controlled by the JAVA machine. This ensures safety in operation.
The JAVA language is very versatile. The scope of its use is very wide. You can create a program for on-Board computers, smart cards and applications of large firms. This is the most basic options. Among other advantages of JAVA list:
– a convenient and simple means for creating network applications;
– set of various tools for filtering input / output;
memory is managed automatically;
– there is a set of collections: list, array, stack;
– built-in classes to perform HTTP requests and processing responses;
– the possibility of parallel execution of several programs;
– use generalizations;
– the possibility of unified access to databases.
By downloading this software, the user is provided with the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). The JRE includes the JAVA VM and the base classes of platforms. There is an additional library platforms. This component is required to start and run JAVA.
The JAVA language includes several families of technologies:
1. Java Standard Edition (SE). Is the flagship publication and is used for custom applications.
2. Java Micro Edition (ME). Finds its application in devices with limited computed power.
3. Java Enterprise Edition (EE). More functionality for creating programs that relate to the enterprise level.
4. JavaFX. Allows you to create graphical user interfaces for business and enterprise applications.
5. Java Card. For use on smart cards or other devices with limited memory.