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JavaScript is a programming language scripts on web pages. It is also called the “client language”. It makes the site more interactive compared to other HTML documents. And, in turn, improves the quality of communication with Internet users.

do Not confuse the language with a different concept of Java. These two languages differ not only functionality, but also the place of application. They are independent from each other. Here JavaScript acts as a single Supplement than a replacement.

This software is built into the browser by default.

To the JavaScript capabilities include:
– creating dynamic HTML documents;
– checking form fields document before they are passed to the server (this helps reduce the load on the server);
– apply different animation effects;
– to read and to create a cookie, also receive information about the visitor’s computer;
– to make changes in the contents of the HTML document (changing styles, adding tags);
– view messages – warnings displayed in a separate window.

This list does not exhaust all the possibilities JavaScript. Like any other program, this language has some limitations. For example, there is no possibility to access the page from another domain. At the same time, it ensures the safety and privacy. Also do not close Windows that were opened by another program.

Area of application extends JavaScript on the client part of the web application. For example, is used in AJAX, where the interface has become much faster. Also in Comet where there are persistent HTTP connection. This language finds its application in a browser-based operating systems.

For high-quality and ongoing work this program should include:
1. Google Chrom. If you use this browser to turn on or off, you must perform several steps. It is necessary to enter in the menu “configuration and management”, then “Settings”. Select “Personal data” and then “JavaScript:”.
2. Mozilla Firefox. In the menu “Tools” to find “Settings”. Select “Content” and allow “to Use JavaScript”.
3. Opera. To enable or disable required to press the F12 key. After you choose “to Enable JavaScript”.
4. Internet Explorer. You should perform such actions. Open the “Tools” – “Internet options”. In the “Security” tab select “Internet”, then “Other”. Appears Scripts – “Allow scripts”.