Jquery - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

This software is a JavaScript library. Simplifies writing JavaScript code, thereby interacting with CSS and HTML. It gives the possibility to create animations, work with the elements in the DOM and AJAX requests. There are also many additional plug-ins that extend the functionality. The library has a useful set of functions to perform various tasks.

the jQuery functions include:

  • work with any DOM element, which also has XPath support;
  • event management;
  • apply different visual effects;
  • work with AJAX additions;
  • copy, delete;
  • adding children;
  • the existence of many JavaScript plugins that are used in creating the user interface.

If CSS is determinant of rendering HTML, JQuery defines their behavior.

JQuery Plug-ins is ready to use scripts. Fastened CSS and HTML. They downloaded without problems and are attached to the desired resource. Include multi-level menus, tooltips, various galleries. To install them, you must first download the library directly. This can be done easily from the official website of the developer. After JQuery is connected to a html page. For this process meets the