MongoDB - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

DBMS document-oriented type is called MongoDB.This system is open source, which does not require the schema tables. Written in language C++.

The developers sought to create a management system that is far from the banality of sizes. In the development of focused attention on the importance of specialization database information. This approach allows us to resolve many difficulties. Shortcomings in performance. Horizontal scaling is more easy to handle. For your document models of information storage is chosen smaller code. Thanks beshenomu style” relevant data easier to manage. This provides a more quick and efficient job.

With MongoDB involves a lot of hopes developers. It is designed to fill the gap between the DBMS, which stores information as a “value-key. Such systems are simple and easy scalability. But at the same time, the functionality they have is minimal.

The advantages of MongoDB system include:

  • storage document-oriented type;
  • a very flexible language, contributing to the convenient formation of queries;
  • the ability to dynamically query;
  • support indexes;
  • quick update, a La “on the spot”;
  • efficient storage of binary data with a large queries, for example, video or photo;
  • logging operations that modify data in the database;
  • supports fault tolerance and scalability: asynchronous replication, a group of replicas, the database distribution nodes;
  • the availability of full-text mode, the morphology of the Russian language.

Today, the system has a large number of examples and drivers. All of them are compatible with the popular programming languages. Presents full documentation other than the detail and quality of presentation.

Running MongoDB on asynchronous replication, takes account of the master-slave configuration”. Replication transmits the change log from the master to the slave node. If possible, the problem of the master node, it triggers the automatic recovery. It applies to the entire document, and not its individual parts. There is also no data isolation. What one reads the user can modify other in parallel.

Annually, the system is updated with new series, another is getting ready for release.