MySQL - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

MySQLпредставляется a system that manages a database or DBMS. Management function is implemented via the Internet. This system is not designed to work with information from large volumes. This is perfect for web pages, which can be large and small.

The main advantages are flexibility, reliability and speed. Using it is no complications or difficulties. Delivery PHP has the automatic enabling of the MySQL server.

Distributed system management database free of charge. MySQL fits under the General license.

To store information for a long time, previously used files. First they were placed in a certain amount of lines. Then, for further work, they were removed. In programming web applications often use a task long-term storage of information. For example, are counted by the counter in the saved messages on the forum. Or control the content on the website remotely.

Professional techniques for working with files laborious execution. You need to consider the location of information in the files, grading and removing it. It is important to understand that actions performed on one of the servers hosting provider. Therefore, the placement of files and access rights need care. Code increases in volume, which may result in frequent errors.

The use of databases eliminates many problems. The databases are concerned about their information. Enhanced safety, improved sorting. Therefore, the information can be removed and placed in a single row. The code that uses the database, a more compact volume. Its easier to debug. In this case, is significantly improved and the speed. The process of information retrieval from databases faster than a similar manipulation of files.

The reason lies in the use of programming languages. The database is written in C++. So it always runs faster and more efficiently than files. The last use PHP, why, and operate slower. PHP is an interpreter, whereas C++ is different capabilities of the compiler. Thus, the database is always more effective in relation to the hard drive. It completely takes over the work with him. Does this quickly, efficiently and securely.