Node.js - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Node.jsявляется software platform, which translates JavaScript to native code. Be the reincarnation of specialized language in a common purpose. This innovative technology, which enjoys great popularity. Node.js does not perform the function of the web server and is not a programming language. The platform executes the code on the computer. The basis of the work is event-oriented and asynchronous programming.

You can download the program on the official website. For users there are installation files. The installation will help to understand the appropriate set of libraries or modules.

Functions of the software platform are asynchronous. They do not create a block for a thread, find running through the background. This feature gave rise to a callback function. It is a procedure that is executed after the execution of the code in the thread will end. For Node.js a large number of operations on input/output are given with ease. The platform is perfectly revealed himself in this matter.

In the software platform should be guided by the following rules:

  • placing the right information about installing, running the first program is on one page;
  • detailed information can be found in a special one-page tutorial; there you can see examples of the code;
  • if you are having difficulties, you can always ask for help from the Russian-speaking community Node.js;
  • on the branch on stackoverflow function you may receive answers about working with the platform.
  • there are also special video tutorials, interactive school and many informative articles.

Platform Node.js helps to learn a programming language to create applications. It is different with classic JavaScript topics. The code execution is not necessary on the browser side. The implementation involved on the server side. Therefore often the platform is considered the server.

Query processing and various operations are based on events. Thus, the working thread to block. It does not use a multi-threaded model. Running only one thread. He also serves user requests and is responsible for resources. The results are passed to the server and the user. This significantly improves the performance.