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Offshore outsourcing is a form of outsourcing. The concept is based on attracting foreign forces to carry out some processes of the enterprise. It is an occasion for mutual cooperation of firms. In this “Commonwealth” companies benefit both companies. One preserves the integrity of business processes. The second derives revenue through the provision of specific services.

Offshore is slightly different from the classic outsourcing. Transferred functions are performed by the company, which is located at the geographical distance. This interaction has significant benefits. Significantly saves your organization money. This example can be called the dissolution of the permanent staff. Does not require the organization of their availability and lower production costs. The problem of execution of non-core production processes of the company is easily solved.

The most common type of offshore outsourcing is the order of the software design. But this is not the only task that can be solved through offshore:

  1. you can ensure that the organization of secondary support services infrastructure.
  2. Removal of non-critical operational processes.
  3. the Implementation of other activities that require a significant amount of unskilled labour.

In the world practice of offshore outsourcing is used very often. Large companies often work with small organizations to optimize costs. Around the world, each country offers the possibility of offshore outsourcing. The leading position belongs to India and China. They offer offshore outsourcing of industrial production and services. European countries specialize in software development. The list is Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Belarus. Among Asian countries, Pakistan, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

Offshore outsourcing software development is actively developed since the advent of the new Millennium. Growth it even increases faster than the IT industry. Demonstrates stable growth and increased earnings in the segment. On the activity of offshore programming is influenced by a large number of specialists in European countries. Cultural affinity with the West, and geographical – with the countries of Central Europe.