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PayPal can be easily called the most popular Internet payment system. For such a demand, there is a key factor. You can highlight the ease of opening of the account and the ease with transfer payments. The application API provides the ability to embed the payment system in online projects. Unfortunately, many programmers believe the application is quite complicated to work. Likely range of errors, incompatibilities and differences in the work. Therefore, in order to organize the work PayPalAPI, you should hang of it.

You can find several types of options for payment. The main services include Express payments. To implement such functions do not need to create a seller’s account. Will not need any confirmation or requirements. More recently, to make payments between participants in the system. Now to send and receive funds on a plastic card can unregistered users too. But a full-fledged piece Express payment takes place on the PayPal platform. Therefore, full implementation of the application on the web site, it’s impossible.

There are also direct payments. With their help, payment cards directly through the API. This feature gives the possibility for placement on the website of the entire payment process. It is comfortable not only for visitors but also for buyers. The direct payments can be a variety of options. You can enter your payment information and complete the process later. These methods are named “authorization” and “fixation”. But they are not available to the domestic user. Satisfied with their users in the UK and North America.

PayPal has recurring payments. For example, for a subscription payment. You can use mass payments. They can be used to make payments on a large number of accounts. Somewhat similar to mass transfers, adaptive payments. But both have their differences.

Actually PayPalAPIесть and other types of payments. The list is great and the work they require care. To understand the system, it is useful to review the documentation. For a start, it is useful to understand the basic methods of payments. These include direct payments and Express. Having the schema and eliminating mistakes, you can learn other types of translations.