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PHP is an abbreviation rasšifrovyvaûŝiesâ as Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a programming language for General purpose, which is open source. It is designed for use in creating dynamic websites. It is worth noting that PHP is one of the best in its kind. The main advantage was the ability to do HTML documents with embedded PHP tasks.
This programming language is one of the most used scripting languages. This became possible due to the high functionality, simplicity and high speed. With his help quickly create high-quality web applications. Also it is easy to learn and install.
Existing tools for creating web pages:
– ability to interact with different database management systems;
– work with HTTP, sessions, cookies, deleted files;
– extraction in automatic mode GET and POST parameters;
processing and scanning of files that are uploaded to the server.
Also using PHP formatted headers, you can redirect the user to other pages. Cookies are set and regulated by the authentication. There are good opportunities for access to databases.
When the server processes the PHP code is processed on the server side. Summarizing, this work between your computer and the web server. It includes specific actions:
1. In the browser address bar enter the address of the desired web page.
2. The entered address is split the browser into smaller components.
3. The web server receives the request and finds the specified file.
4. Next, the web server reads this file from the hard drive. Also determines that there is a PHP script. Then sends to the processing of the PHP interpreter.
5. The interpreter develops PHP code, and then returns changed.
6. In turn, the browser gets the HTML text. Next, it creates the look of a web page based on the received code.
The file that contains the PHP script is a text document with the php extension. Such a file can have HTML tags, text or scripts. The server returns it to the browser as plain HTML documents.
To develop web applications in PHP must be the server. It is needed for processing software code, written in PHP. The most popular server, IIS and Apache. These types differ only subjective preferences.