PostgreSQL - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

The database management system PostgreSQL is a free object-relational. She finds the implementation on many platforms. Based on SQL, so it will have many features of this standard. The system is open and completely free software.

Their existence is obliged by a group of developers who are located around the world. PostgreSQL is not the property of any company, it’s a free community project. It functions with the help of the Association of developers and users. To replenish its ranks. You will only need to subscribe to the mailing lists and participate in discussions.

The product is open source, and is directly connected with the original. Includes many features:

  • complex queries;
  • foreign keys;
  • triggers;
  • representations;
  • transactional integrity;
  • multi-version control concurrent access.

Users can extend the list of functions, adding new:

  • data types;
  • options;
  • operators;
  • aggregate functions;
  • index methods;
  • procedural languages.

System, database management PostgreSQL has a liberal license. Access to free, possible modification and redistribution. Its goals can be anything, ranging from commercial and ending with the academic.

The system is designed to manage databases. It should handle the request and to give a refund results. Returning results of the query goes to client connections. Function setup, start, and restart the operating system performs the services file.

Developers do not have a strong impact on the query optimizer. Disk space needs professional management. Therefore, to implement the necessary storage helps “cluster”. This is a special application that can be found in the system directory.

In General, this management system can be called one of the most advanced. It appeared in the late 70-ies of the last century. Owes its development specialists from the University of California. Long-term modification greatly improved the program. She was given a new name by which it is now all know. Acquired a broad set of capabilities, a variety of functionality. The system has the ability that can boast of a large-scale commercial products.