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Python is a high – level, object – oriented programming language. His orientation was to improve the performance of the developer and the process of code readability.

The programming paradigms that supports Python, include:

  • object – oriented;
  • structural;
  • imperative;
  • functional;
  • aspect – oriented.

The main architectural features called dynamic typing, full introspection, automatic memory management. Also, the exception handling mechanism and support for multithreaded computing. The code in this language is formed in classes and functions. They, in turn, can be combined into modules. Python – pretty-paced language, new versions of which are available periodically.

This software applies to traditional programming languages. That is, it has all the standard designs (while loops and for classes, modules and functions). Less traditional can be attributed raise , try-finally and try-except-else. From built-in types have a Unicode string, a complex number and floating-point, Boolean. From the collections built dict, list, tuple and set. A new type is added by writing class. Or define a new module extensions. Class system supports single and multiple inheritance. Also, it is possible from most built-in types of extensions. The objects of this programming language are divided into atomic and reference. Refer to the first type long, int, complex, and others. In the case of an assignment of such objects, their value is copied. And for reference – copy only the pointer to the object. Reference is divided into immutable and mutable.

The syntax of this language is clear and consistent. This makes the source code easy to read. In the process of passing arguments in the function call is used by sospensioni.

To the built-in set of operators include:

  • if, otherwise (else);
  • while (while), (‘for’);
  • the class definition (class);
  • the definition of a method or function (def);
  • return;
  • exception handling (except, try, else).

One of the features of the language is the allocation of a block of code with indentation. In Python expression became a full operator. The mechanism for documenting code has pydoc. The documentation string is inserted at the beginning of each class, module or function.