Twitter API - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

For webmasters Twitter API seems to be an ideal system for developing applications. Popular social network is different from the many advantages and tangible benefit. It can become a base on which to create new services/startups. The program also can be a tool for the design of an additional set of tools. There is another way to promote your own web page.

To work with the API, you will need some knowledge. First, knowledge of PHP should not be below the average. You also need to understand the social networks, to understand and to know. Important the availability of free time that can be spent on experiments.

The possibilities of Twitter API is fairly versatile, but the developers don’t want to stop. Created all new versions of programs that enhance one another. Initial versions were buggy, but now there are plenty of add-ons.

The design of tweets created under the influence network. Twitterвыдвигает recommendations that are mandatory. This innovation separates Twitter from any other social networks. The comments next to the tweet place it, and need a logo.

To work applications that require OAuth authentication. Also there have been changes in the restrictions on the number of requests. Before one user was allowed no more than 350 requests per hour. The new version also has limitations, but they are individual. It all depends on the kinds of queries. For example, the ribbon tweets can be viewed not more than sixty times an hour. To request information about the user can 720 times. Change cannot be called radical, but it applies to all application developers. But compared to other social networks, users are very limited.

There are also minor changes in the new version. They will be distributed to a specific group of developers and some applications.

When the application has the chance to visit more than a million users, you need permission. Gives “good” for the next activity Twitter Inc.

The developers claim that all changes are underpinned by honest motives. They sought to create a pristine ecosystem. All innovative applications in it focus on Analytics and business processes.