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Links are a key factor in the process of website promotion. Placing external links to third-party resources increases the ranking of search engines. This helps to increase the popularity and traffic of the web page. Buying an external link, you need to pay special attention to the donor site. These links can appear in and of themselves. It happens in the case of silane other resources on the page. Also buy them for money on the stock exchange of links. You can still write and post on other sites SEO article.

Donor site, when you sell links, place external reference weight on a paid basis. The client will periodically make obovaria charge the holder of the donor site. And the latter, in turn, need to place links.

Before purchasing links from a specific site, you need to evaluate it according to certain criteria. For successful and effective placement of the site-the donor must have work experience more than one year. It is better to give preference to sites with long-lived. They will not disappear, and so there is a guarantee of reliability cooperation. Experts call the year — a critical age for the existence of the site. It is to withstand this period, the web page becomes successful and competitive. Therefore, the placement of links on younger sites will contribute a certain amount of risk. Indexing – the next thing that you need to pay attention. Because information must be included in the index of search engines. And missing the donor site in the index leads to the fact that it is not necessary to do the placement. But to know it, indexing check. This happens when using the built-in functionality in the search engines.

Buying links are direct and natural. First include the title of the document, which is moving forward. The latter often have the word “here”, “more”, etc. and those and others important in the course of the purchase.

Also you can qualify on time. There are eternal and temporal references. Eternal will be posted as long as you live the site itself. They, in turn, are divided into contextual and guards. Temporary links – a certain selected period.

the Link must meet certain characteristics in order to look natural to search engines. First, it needs to be a thematic resource. Secondly, with feature articles. Also the link should be in the new article.