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Every website owner wants to be in the top search queries. Keywords are a crucial factor in this case. They help to optimize the page that will best match search queries.

To determine the keywords it is best to start creating the website. Well to do optimization on the basis of three or four keys. Pages within a site, ideally, to optimize one keyword.

Keywords should be placed correctly. It is important that the main one was in the first paragraph. When it is high, the search engine it will be immediately noticed. Also, the search engine offers to reading the first paragraph of text on the site. After examining him, the reader decides to navigate to a page or not. The key phrase, the words have to be evenly spaced in the text. It is not recommended them to gather in one part of the text.

Of great importance is the density of the keywords. That is, their frequency depending on the amount of text. Webmaster suggest different criteria for the ideal percentage. In General, it is from 6 to 8 percent. Such indicators is sufficient to search engine noticed the text. Full keys page, the search engine can send in a ban for spam.

Especially important to optimize the page tags. Title and description must be present. The first tag is the page title. It should contain the main keyword and be interesting. The second tag briefly tells about the contents of the page. Not all search engines pay attention to this tag, but it is important. Therefore, description will not hurt, but unique and important. The size must be greater than 200 characters.

There is a tag that is designed for key phrases – keywords. More recently, search engines relied only on him. Now it is not actual, but still webmasters do not omit it.

Keywords useful to specify in the URL address of the website. To highlight the images will also need a special tag. The fact is that search engines only focused on the text. This tag is important when a user searches for information in the form of pictures.

In addition, there are special reinforced tags. Highlighting their key words in the text, the search engine will find your website faster.

Not less important and the size of the text on the page. It should be about three thousand characters long, and contain the key phrase. To overload the content with keywords is not desirable.