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the Most well-known method of improving the ranking of a website is to exchange links. This joint cooperation between multiple sites to place links to each other. In simple English, this salanie one site to another. The result is that both the web page get free links, open for search.

to Share links in several ways. Here are some of them:

1. Direct exchange. This is the easiest and most popular. Two web pages directly organise exchange links with each other.

2. Manual exchange. Considered to be the safest option. However, it may take a lot of time, because the search is conducted close sites on the subject.

3. The ring exchange. Part take several sites (three or more). The essence of this exchange is that the first site refers to the second. The second, in turn, refers to the third. The last in this chain will refer to the first site.

4. Automatic exchange. Here employ a system of automatic exchange. It greatly simplifies and speeds up the exchange.

5. Cross-currency. Is the most complex of all the existing schemes of currency. It is used if the client has more than one site. Such clients with a few of your pages and carry out the exchange. Involved in four or more web pages.

today, there are more systems to exchange links. They allow you to do this job more quickly. These include:

1. Oncolink. This is the first service, which was to provide a similar service. It has a comfortable exchange of currency. It allows you to do a link exchange for free and leave feedback. There are a variety of built-in filters.

2. Turbo link. Functionality is almost the same as the first. However, currency has slightly fewer sites. An auxiliary reference article for beginners.

3. Linkoff. Also almost no different from its predecessors.

Before you start the exchange process, you should consider some things:

- the site should have a high quality and interesting information that could be of interest to future partner;

- client from link exchange benefits, which should be explained to him;

- you need to study the structure of the website in order to find a place for links.

the exchange Process has many advantages, the most important of which is the increase in search ranking of a website.