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to Increase promotion and website ranking will allow the correct variant of the method of promotion. One of these is his conclusion in the top search engines for keywords. This method will help to bring the web page to the top of the first issued in the search engines. How it works – web site promotion with the help of certain keywords. These words show the theme of the page. Such words visitors will be able to find and visit the website.

Due to this method, the client receives:

- increase traffic to the web page;

- a significant increase in enquiries and sales;

- the top position of your website in the search results;

- a positive image.

the Cost of this service is negotiated individually. It depends on the volume of keywords and site level. Also affects its competitiveness.

the Procedure consists of several stages:

- choice of key words;

the site is being prepared for promotion;

- work on website promotion.

a Significant advantage of this method of site promotion is the economic component. The customer pays a fixed cost. Thus, the sudden extra costs are excluded.

This version of website promotion will be very successful in the following cases:

web page specializes in limited products and services;

- competition in the region medium, or low;

- desire to bring in the top keywords that include the name of the company or brand.

However, this option should not be used for:

- commercial web pages with a wide and diverse type of goods and services;

- extended directories and portals, whose key words exceed a couple of hundred;

web pages, which is more attracting visitors.

In General, the duration of the execution of this service takes approximately two weeks. The first results you will notice a month later. This length of time is typical for sites that are promoted for the first time.

To promote your website in the top keyword you should examine the company providing such services.

the Result should be of high quality and effective raising the page rank. There are several requirements to the company about this service:

- cooperation with the client should be based on mutual benefit;

- responsible approach to financial question;

control client for the use of money.