Website audit - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

the site Audit is called the detailed analysis for further promotion in the network. In the process and identify possible shortcomings of the site, and is fixing them. Also improved content for users.

Professional quality audit is carried out by SEO specialists. This procedure takes a lot of time. It is aimed at:

1. Check the web page in popular search engines (Google, Yandex, Rambler). Here are errors that exist when indexing pages. An analysis of the site in the rankings and search queries.

2. To assess the success and competitiveness. We study the relevance of the websites in the network and a certain segment of the market. Can be compiled list of competitors and evaluation comparison of their success. It is also expected that further development of the site activity.

3. Study software, database and HTML code. How effective are interactive pages and operate the active elements.

4. Assessment of how convenient it is to use the interface, and what is the download speed. We study the design of the web page.

5. Exploring the content of the site, its chosen goals.

the audit process includes several components. They are:

1. Search audit. Performs the following operations:

1.1. The presence of the website in the databases the search engines.

1.2. The analysis of the positions, which occupies a site in the search rankings.

1.3. Identifying and fixing errors that interfere with the operation of search engines.

1.4. Compliance with internal references correct indexing of website pages.

1.5. The search for broken links and correct them.

2. Marketing audit. Is carried out with the purpose of studying the target audience and selection of effective advertising. Consists of:

2.1. Analysis of visitors to the web page.

2.2. The study of sites of competitors and their work.

2.3. Selection of the most appropriate advertising for your website promotion.

3. Audit internal content of the website. The following works are performed:

3.1. Analyzed internal content of the site, its contents.

3.2. Identify possible interference when displaying the website in the course of the search.

3.3. Prepared recommendations on the content of the site.

3.4. The analysis of texts and their presentation to visitors.

4. Usability audit. This is the assessment of the popularity and convenience of site visitors. How long they remain on the page. How convenient menus and design in General. Checks the correctness of a site map.

After the procedure, the site audit identifies errors and their causes.