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The chat room is modern and very convenient method of communicating over the Internet. Can communicate with each other by two or more users of the world wide web. For the full “conversation” it is important that all of them were online. The process of communication is done through messages. They can be text, voice, form, video format. When people are far away from each other, it is possible to simulate personal communication.

The founder of the popular Internet concepts became the English word “chat”. In translation it means chatter. Russian chat is fully consistent with its foreign Tesco.

Many people confuse this method of communication with the forums. Some similarities they have, but there are differences. The main one is the conversation in real time, which occurs without delay. But chat rooms can also differ among themselves. Based on the type of network conversations, communication is text-based and voice. There are also video chat.

Text chats

They are also called web chats. This way messaging text form. This relationship is private and public. In the first case, communication takes place in a special window the General public. Private chat is also called private. It is a conversation of two people in a separate window. See his only companions. During the General chat, it is always possible to “retire” for a private conversation.

Voice chat

They owe their existence to a simple phone. In this case, the communication is carried out through the exchange of voice messages. Therefore, the presence of a microphone or headphones with him is a must. This variety is particularly popular with virtual players. When is a group game, organized the live communication for all team members. From the main activity while distracted is not necessary. Do not rarely through voice chats, training seminars. They are called webinars.

Video and telecity

Video chat – improved kind of voice chat, when the video image is being shown opponent. For its implementation, you need a web camera. Often these chats are during the official conference.

Telecity are on TV channels. A striking example is the transmission of messages and gifts on the music channels. Through telecomasia send and private information, announcements. This chat is a paid pleasure, unlike other.