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CRM is a type of system for keeping client base. It helps to automate interaction with users. This increases the level of sales and optimized marketing. Customer service is improved because the information is stored about them. Also keep a history of working with them. Established and improved business procedures, possible subsequent analysis of the obtained results. CRM can be installed on a personal server of the Corporation. Or use it as an online service.

The system works on the basis of contacts. It stores information about visitors and customers. Recorded history of interaction with partners. She remembers tasks, emails, sales documents. Therefore the main CRM options include organizer, document repository and email program. It is important to the formation of full-fledged contact center.

In this type of systems there are a number of tools:

  • functions of sales management;
  • work with the service;
  • cooperation with marketing companies;
  • significant variety of analytical tools.

The web-based system for managing the client base is the best opportunity for relinking. It occurs between records and the transition between them. For example, the opening of the project, contractor, contact, possibly from a task that is bound to them.

Used CRM system often organizations with the structure of a distributed geographically. They communicate with remote and mobile employees through Internet access. This work distribution companies, insurers, banks, transport companies. Use CRM media, telcos, software developers. Not seldom this kind of systems used in the Internet business.

Organizations mainly use the same database, working online. In contrast to client-server systems the traditional plan. They use replication and synchronization between distant from other servers. This causes inconvenience in use and is more expensive.

Thanks to the development of mobile Internet working with CRM has become more convenient. Access to the system is possible from any location. It is very convenient for traders, because sales related and business trips. Full system does not stop at crossings. Valuable time is used efficiently.