ERP Enterprise resource planning - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

In English, the term refers to “the management of organizational resources. ERP is a set of systems that form the production processes. They are subordinated to the human resources, assets and Finance. Their focus in terms of optimisation opportunities.

To date, the implementation of the system is mandatory for all large enterprises. Earlier it was only the industrial enterprises. Now companies from various industries, ownership and regions need it.

With the advent of the new Millennium ERP system was supplemented with the new series. Are they solely by subscription. Now use the system for resource planning organization. They are required for production, purchasing and sales.

The ERP intuitive principle. It helps to create a unified database and fill it. In the future it will use the company’s employees. Therefore, the information consists of the information of all departments of the company. This includes purchasing, accounting, human resources and others.

Each series its functionality. But sometimes they are similar:

  • creating plan sales or production;
  • tailored specifications of technological nature, which provide for the possibility of the company;
  • planning needs of production;
  • definition of requirements for the implementation of the plan;
  • maintenance inventory and purchasing;
  • oversee production resources across the enterprise and departments;
  • review of projects;
  • track of finances, taxes and bookkeeping.

ERP systems have the advantages that distinguish them from other programs. Creating a common information environment, which fosters the work of all departments of the enterprise. Differentiated access rights among employees, managers and executives. The system features a wide range of solutions for organizations of various sizes. With it you can manage more than one company, division, group, or Corporation. It is compatible with other platforms and software. Characterized by high reliability, scalability and flexibility. ERP can be integrated with your applications, and other systems.

Thanks to this functionality, the process of enterprise management is much easier. Company resources are always under control, automated production, and sales internationally.