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Benefits of the Internet portal is in the simplicity of switching to alternative sites. Internet resource rich variety of links through which you can navigate to other sites. He is considered a convenient interface that allows you to move in any direction. The portal makes it easier to navigate in the network and quickly find the necessary information in the Internet.

the Internet portal is equipped with the navigation part and original content. In the service section of razmesheny:

- financial reports;

- classified ads;


- news;


- forum;

- mail;

- the weather;

entertainment and so on.

Any Internet portal has features has information, service or search rousers. Based on the strategy of the site, changing its occupancy. Internet portals are divided into vertical and horizontal. The latter are considered to be universal. Usually they are built around search engines, filled with different content and different advanced tools. These portals are designed for the widest audience.

Vertical portals are called niches. They are divided into corporate, information and state. have a narrow topic and activity. They are interesting for professionals working in a particular field. Examples of such portals are urban or regional sites. They are technological, financial, religious or entertainment oriented, designed for regular users who communicate in chat or on the forum.

Corporate are employees of the same company. Through them flows corporate information and limited access to foreign web sites. The number of users of such portals is small. On state portals information state is up. Information portals offer information of interest to users in the field of legislation, policy, education, etc. Also have portals mixed and General purpose.