1C Bitrix - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

This software was published by 1C company. It occupies one of leading places for the production of computer programs. The system is designed to manage the website, its contents (CMS). Control information such as directories and news, it will be convenient and easy. The web page can create almost any user almost from scratch. Software Bitrix is a commercial offer. Flaws in this end.

On the website, for storing various data, an embedded file system DBMS. It operates on Microsoft Windows platforms, like UNIX.

Features Bitrix the following:

- create web pages and menus;

update news;

- tracking of the site attendance statistics;

- create a quiz;

- the existence of different advertising;

is the provision of the online shop;

- search the entire site;

- creating apps on mobile phones;

the existence of templates for web pages;

- personalization data.

This software is easy to learn and install. It has everything you need to quickly create web pages. Also accommodates a variety of functions in the work and management. To start working in Bitrix possible without deep knowledge. For beginners on the Internet it will be the best choice. The program includes about 30 modules by default. They are all designed to manage the site and its contents. Also features auto memory the most frequently used commands.

This system is highly reliable. It is protected from all sorts of hacks and spam.

Resources are very different direction. This personal blog websites, web – sites, information portals. Social and web-pages, online stores or large corporate projects. You have a wide selection with the straightforward control panel. There is also the possibility of self-selection functions of your site.

With the help of this system it is also possible:

to do a lot of Internet pages and solely to control them;

- create website without any special knowledge of complex programming language;

maintaining a uniform load with a great visit to the web page;

to have a logical and functional architecture page;

self – development management decisions.