Adobe Muse CC - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

a Tool for creating web sites is Adobe Muse CC. It helps to create web resources professional level. While programming knowledge is not required.

the Engine works on the basis of the Adobe AIR framework. He is an editor with full visualization. The process of developing such a system takes four steps. It is the planning, implementation, design, evaluation of results and publication on the website.

Adobe Muse CC displays changes in real time. He is a visual site Builder. Developers do not necessarily reveal the HTML code of your site. Work with the web page goes, as with the image. This feature is provided by a special panel. The creators of the engine focused on user without special education. Therefore, the creation of the development environment will be available even for beginners.

This software is only based on innovative and modern web standards. But they must be supported by the browser. Main advantages:

- the exact clearance;

creative freedom;

- possibility to add and configure new elements.

Adobe Muse CC provides access to the platforms, and libraries. For this you need to add navigation elements, widgets and HTML-code. This is especially necessary when developing interactivity on the website.

With Adobe Muse CC convenient to create and configure widgets. Simply drag the desired item in the navigation menu. Users can add interactive elements that can be fully customized. For example, tooltips, slideshow or complex hover effects. Can also be built up HTML code from different sources. This may be Google Maps, Facebook or YouTube.

the Software allows you to create and save web sites on the Adobe servers. This can be done with the purpose of testing and evaluation of the created product. Such sites may be sent to clients. You can export them to a paid hosting on the main servers. Or send transfer using FTP to sites other hosting providers.

With this engine easy to create additional versions of the site. For example, for a mobile phone or tablet. Adobe Muse CC high speed and solid functionality. Download and install available in free form.