Concrete5 - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

a Few years ago the domestic market successfully won Concrete5. This is one of the most modern and convenient content management systems website. Distributed by the free MIT license and is open source. This computer program is focused on normal, not sophisticated, user network. Anyone with basic skills, Internet, will be able to install it. And site creation and management of pages will not be easy.

the System is a special functionality. The existence of different modules contributes to the expansion of its functions and tasks. You can see how the program works by demonstrating on the official site.

the Main advantages of Concrete5 are:

1. Change the information content directly on the website. This service is available without entering in the toolbar.

2. Easy to manage web pages.

3. The wide range of robots with the appearance of the web page.

4. The original Manager control files.

5. Resistance during heavy loads.

6. Availability in the program.

7. A variety of site settings.

8. The separation of the kernel from other extensions.

9. The ability to see changes to the page before it is activated.

10. Navigation elements are created automatically.

the core of the system runs on Zend Framework with ADOdb. Organization structure makes possible the expansion of its modules, without affecting the kernel itself. This is due to restart in directory of classes of the program.

This software is the best manifests itself on promotional sites and Internet sites. It will be indispensable in news, sports, and personal web pages. For a blog it is better to use another program. Concrete5 has a fairly large, but still limited capacity. Better, if your blog is part of a larger project. Then this system will be the best option.

use this software to easily create online stores. The module allows you to easily manage shipping, discounts and delivery.

what is unique about this system? First, blocks of information are easy to move between sections. This allows for them to choose a comfortable position. Secondly, in real time, you can assess changes in the page. Editing, you view and maintain the desired configuration.