Drupal CMF - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Software Drupal facilitates management of content. Using the program you can create blogs and correction system content, galleries, news portal or informational messages. Software Drupal has a long history and has been updated several times. Originally Drupal was created as a content management software. It gradually transformed into a CMF that has expanded its capabilities. We list the main ones.

1. Versatile and logical architecture of the web page. Each of the sections can simultaneously belong to multiple categories. Rubrics developed in complex lists.

2. Built-in modules are suitable for any type of website. They are convenient to create a website, news sites, or blogs.

3. Original options control the appearance of the page. Keywords automatically remembered.

4. Navigation and site search. To access the archives there is the search parameters and headings.

Drupal can support the management of pages in a hundred languages. All translations are reflected in the database. Available export and import translations from a web page. The design of the program varies with built-in skins. As PHPTemplate templates are used. The latest version of Drupal can quickly be reloaded without refreshing the page.

the Program is built on the LAMP platform. Now available alternatives. For example, the family of Unix servers, Nginx, Lighttpd and Apache.

Among the Drupal functions:

1. Maintain their own blogs and commenting on random users.

2. The use of taxonomy – specific methodology for optimal placement of the headings of the site. They are placed in a list or tree structure.

3. Built-in forum.

4. The program is able to accumulate news of other web pages displaying on the website.

5. Accessibility to comment on any documents of the Creator of the web page. To do this, you must enter certain settings. If necessary, you can restrict access to the comments.

6. Users can have different roles and rights to access the content of the web page.

Drupal fit in the role of designer sites for programmers. And additional modules semestinya extend the functionality of the system.