ExpressionEngine - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

ExpressionEngine is a commercial a MultiSite content management system. This is a convenient program for quality construction web sites. In this program many opportunities. For example:
– creating blogs;
– knowledge base;
– encyclopedia;
– registration of users;
– search engine.

abroad ExpressionEngine gained great popularity. At the moment it is free and Russified version.

Main description

This system is based on the CodeIgniter framework. This software is open source. The combination of ExpressionEngine with him is the main feature of the program.

ExpressionEngine Developers guarantee her security. The website, created with the help of such software, will also be safe. Its data will always remain safe. The ExpressionEngine there are several types of checks.
1. Check The Captcha.
2. Confirmation of the content.
3. Checking e-mail.
4. History visit.
For ten years the system has never been subjected to a security breach. The developers spare no means to ensure its sustainability. ExpressionEngine has a spam blocker that is placed on the outer side of the site. Therefore, unwanted guests will not be able to get to the site. Security features here only the best and are characterized by complexity.

ExpressionEngine has a modular system. She has a standard package of templates, allowing integration into any design. The Creator of the web site itself regulates and adjusts the engine. The result was decent, have to work hard. The standard kit is not great and not functional, it needs to develop.

what are the advantages?

With this engine you can create a variety of sites. For example: simple blogs, online shopping, message boards or news sites. The ExpressionEngine wide range of functions.
1. Many modules, allowing you to build a website to suit your needs.
2. The system is designed for a large number of users.
3. You can differentiate user access to different parts of the site.
4. There are modules forum, tags, favorites and rating articles.
5. Good search engine and Wiki-engine.
6. The presence of mobile blogging and photo-galleries.