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Flash CMS is a modern multi-purpose computer program that allows you to control Flash sites. These sites differ – bright and beautiful animation. Their basic operation is no different from other sites that allows you to effectively and quickly create a web page.

the web-Sites, promo-sites, business resources. Besides the easy management you will receive the original colorful design. Memorable design a web page to attract users, your products or services will enjoy a wide audience. The program has a vibrant dynamics, has a colorful combination of elements. Why Flash websites are user-friendly, especially for a model or advertising agencies, modern studios and radio stations. Among private users, many representatives of creative professions.

you Can build two sites with similar content. But they must be assigned to different domain names. One of the sites built in Flash, and the other in html. The system control can be shared by both the web pages. The programmer makes changes at the same time on both sites.

There are a number of good CMS for Flash sites:

1. Moto CMS allows you to make as many pages with different galleries. While easily change any elements in the design of the site. You can load your own fonts. Very convenient with the Russian language of management. 2. Wix and Yooba – give a good basis for the creation of web pages. But they are not Russian. They have a convenient toolbar high functionality: convenient built-in templates that simplify the editing of images and text blocks

3. Royale CMS – well-thought-out system with functional additional bonuses without WYSWYG editor. The use of such programs is preferred for promotional sites.

4. Fuzzle cms – Russian version Flash CMS. The developers have posted video lessons on modeling of pages and blocks, links and edit files. The animation is available in 5 built-in templates.

5. Flash Blocks. Allows you to model sites online. The editing process is simplified, but less functional when compared with the previous year.