Joomla - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

Joomla is software and one of the most powerful systems. It allows you to create websites without requiring deep technical knowledge. In fact, it is a tool to work on the Internet. Refers to the content management systems that have outdoor access code (OSC). This type of software allows you to quickly and easily monitor your website. Information in any form, stored, will be tracked by this system. Dignity OSC is the availability and ease of use.

With Joomla you can do any sites. The most simple or complex for a variety of purposes. For example:
sites for midsize businesses;
– magazines and Newspapers online;
Church and school web pages;
information portals;
– local corporate websites;
sites for non-commercial purposes;
– home (personal) page.

Software Joomla provides a wide range of basic services:
– the ability to make an unlimited number of web pages;
– clear structure of the site;
the site template you can quickly and easily change;
– set the start and end dates of various publications;
– the presence of RSS;
– the arrangement of elements in the site template you can customize;
– easy to manage and create menu;
– the creation of the pages may at the same time can operate several people;
– use archive;
– edit access to the page for different categories of users;
– there is a Manager for the newsletter;
– support SEO and cache;
– the use of different languages.

these features are basic, and this is not a complete list.

the Program is arranged so that its installation simplified. Hosting company provide the opportunity for you to perform the installation. Any user will be able to learn and to teach others the management of the site. The system is specially designed and convenient for the developer and for the designer.

Additional features, of which there are about eight thousand available in the extensions directory. The system is able to meet almost all the requirements of the clients and developers.

today there are several versions of this system. Using the around the world made it very popular. And the ease of use and reliability has created numerous community fans. Joomla is a free software that is protected by the GPL license.