MODx CMF - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

This software is a content management system open source, has an open license and is supported by PHP. For General programming and website development it is most used.

Before installing the program you need to have hosting. It can be ordered both paid and free. The company will gladly offer their help in providing such services. The procedure is quite fast and without much difficulty. Also will not be superfluous developer kit web pages “Denver”. The necessary wiki documentation describes in detail the installation process. You should carefully examine all conditions, remembering the painstaking development of the CMF.

List the conditions necessary for the successful launch of the program:
the presence of robust hosting;
– Linux;
– MySQL 4.1.x (or similar versions);
– PHP 4.3.10 and PHP 5;
– Apache with mod_rewrite;
– have good knowledge of php.

This system divides users into two categories. The first includes those who directly uses the web page. To the second control site (it managers). The latter have certain rights and responsibilities.

All available documents logically and conveniently located in the tree. Available information are, for example, document type, publication. Also visible, the document menu or not. For visitors of all documents available in any format (txt, doc, rtf, etc). Their number is unlimited.

control Panel (administration) arranged logically and clearly enough. After reading the required documentation, you can easily develop complex project. There are also other pleasant moments. For example, the built-in list of the most frequently used words, which can be controlled. There are enough friendly URL so-called CNC. If necessary, simply include on the dashboard. There is Ajax, which makes the application more accessible to users. This moment is distinctive in MODx CMF.

System MODx CMF free, it can acquire and install each. It is suitable for almost all modern browsers. It should be noted that it will be difficult for the inexperienced Internet user. So it’s best used by experienced developers.

In conclusion, this program is without exaggeration successful. Her license facilitates the continuous update, bringing new module and user friendly solutions in the system.