Moto CMS - Vooq айти компания интернет программированиеVooq айти компания интернет программирование

MotoCMS is absolutely a full-fledged content management system. It is easy to create a variety of web sites. They are bright, multi-functional, stylish and well-indexed.

the Creators of software oriented to flash developers, design studios and freelancers. Everyone who has been creating websites and promoting them, suitable MotoCMS. With its help you can create web pages from scratch. You can use the template ready web resource. Easily create additional components, which will provide support for customers.

using the content management system MotoCMS ideas of the Creator of the site is not restricted. Available to download animations, a large number of video and audio files. You can add text fragments and images. The developer will only need imagination and creativity.

MotoCMS has a wide range of HTML templates. With their help, the website of any subject or direction will be implemented. These templates are ready-made sites. Inside, they have a convenient control panel. Because of this, to create a functional and beautiful website has become particularly easy. The administration and editing of the website is with the help of visual editor. MotoCMS templates presented in a very variety of categories.


for Example: cars, cooking, business, entertainment, sports, education, religion and so on, the Developers have ensured that each sphere of life has been satisfied.

the Interface MotoCMS is divided into four parts.

1. Toolbar.

2. Panel add items.

3. The graphics editor.

4. The widgets.

In the toolbar – the basic elements that are required when working with the website. Is navigation, settings, save, or add. There is a change of view, working with customers in the mobile version.

Panel add objects offers the standard unit files. But the Creator of the site can add new items via the built-in file Manager.

In the imaging helps the graphics editor. Enough to keep the original images on the main server. After that you can work with them directly within the CMS.

Among the widgets program search menu, galleries, lists, payment systems. It is also possible to implement the map function.