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Wix or Windows Installer Xml is a special site Builder. Has a set of tools through which you can create a site from scratch. While programming skills are not required. The simplicity of the action is provided by Drag and Drop. With it, the creation of the site is intuitive and simple enough. The developer can shuffle favourite items. Using the settings, you can edit basic templates to suit your needs.

Among the wide variety of site designers, Wix enjoys an enviable popularity. On the main site you can familiarize with the list of main advantages of the engine. Among the advantages of the program, we note the following.

1. The variety of choice when creating the site. You can construct a web page from scratch or choose a suitable format for the project. The choice is wide: from the website to the portfolio.
2. Work with the program easy and affordable. It features a developer – settings, move, edit.
3. You can create mobile sites, blogs and pages of Facebook.
4. Programming knowledge or special skills are absolutely not required. With a few clicks, you can develop HTML5 or Flash website. The complexity of this product depends on the willingness of the developer.
5. For indexing in search engines supported SEO settings.
6. The services feature various options. You can change images, colors and font of the text on the website. The basic pattern is easy to modify as you wish.
7. To use constructor functions can be completely free. Basic options are provided to users without any tariffs. But the additional services will have to pay.

To create a site requires registration. It consists of simple instructions e-mail address and password. Further from the proposed categories should choose the subject matter of your website. You can select a template and view it looks like your web project. The Wix also have a blank template. With their help it is possible to design and fill the site manually. The program will only offer the location of the site elements and menus. After you have selected the template, you can edit and customize. In the program there is a special menu, change the item by clicking on it. Easy to change the design, add pages and to customize the site. For even greater convenience and beauty, Wix offers a large number of widgets.